Our Location

Langata Junior School is located in Ngei Phase 2 Estate off Kitengela Road in Langata, Nairobi.
Langata Kindergarten is located in Moi Estate off Makina Road near Otiende

Our Priority

Point blank- your child’s education is our priority. Langata Junior school & Langata Kindergarten are committed to providing the educational experience that will make a difference in your child’s life and prepare him/her for future success. Langata Junior School/Langata Kindergarten is a private purpose-built institution offering high quality foundation education to children in preparation for their future.

Success is what every school wants for its students, and there are many elements in education that help students succeed – including excellent instruction, opportunities for excelling, and healthy competition. These elements are what you find in Langata Junior school & Langata Kindergarten.

We make sure our pupils achieve their dreams

Every year we make sure our pupils reach their targets to make it to their high school of choice

Have a question for us?

We will be happy to answer them for you
Lang’ata Kindergarten  0704 640 372 & 0721 872 279
LangataJunior School 0206 005 894 & 0724 027 011